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Big Data

Today’s companies have access to growing amounts of data, coming in many different forms. We engineer solutions to handle this increasing flow of information, by creating custom-built software frameworks and architectures for each product domain, that can handle the scaling and reliability challenges thrown at them.

We’ve worked in fields like signal processing, cyber security, video processing, 3D, and many other product domains. 

Our solutions are built on Python, and other popular and battle-proven open-source technologies. We work with SQL databases like PostgreSQL, modern NoSQL solutions like Redis and MongoDB, and  build scalable solutions built on technologies like Hadoop and PySpark, Airflow and Nifi.

Data Warehouses & ETL

Having large amounts of data is a common problem – having data scattered across many different systems, and needing to put it into a form that is usable for data analytics and other stakeholders, is an even more common problem.

We help companies with complex data architectures move to the cloud, build data management solutions, and create ETL processes to extract and process the data that they need to run their organization.

We often work closely with a company’s data analysts and data scientists, creating the software systems and processes that feed into their work. We’ve worked with many legacy systems, and with common databases from MySQL to MS SQL Server. We’ve used data visualization tools like Tableau and PowerBI, as well as creating custom browser visualization options utilizing technologies like D3, Bokeh and others.

Training / Team building

We help companies build and train teams in general Python, and the Python scientific computing stack.

We offer a range of services, from helping hire and train data engineering teams, to helping teach experienced programmers to program in Python, to helping Data Analysts and Data Scientists learn to use the Python scientific computing stack.

Need something else?

We have dozens of years of experience, in many industries and with many technologies, and are happy to tackle any interesting challenges.​

Our Story

We’re a boutique dev shop focused on solving complex data problems for our clients, ranging from startups to large enterprises.

We have dozens of years of experience building products in a range of fields and industries, from 3D printing to Embedded Systems to Data Engineering, and use our product experience and business experience together with our broad expertise with technology to find cost-effective business solutions. 

We’re experts in Python, and use it to engineer the right solution for problems that need complex approaches – from building scalable backends for signal processing systems, to building ETL processes to populate Data Warehouses, to helping design unique cloud architectures.

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